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Our Living Proof Page is under construction!   


Thank you for your patience as we work on this page and the vision for the future continuation of this mission!  Below is a description of the vision as it began with two faithful servants at A Place in Time — Samantha MacDonald and Josh Martin!  Sam and Josh are now college students in Central Florida impacting the world around them at the 18-20 Something stage of life. With gratitude to all who served and led in the first season at A Place in Time. To God be the Glory!  
See the Original Vision for Living Proof below:
Discovering who you really are is what 18-20 Something is all about. Through Living Proof Outreach you will discover the “real you” with others while helping your community!


Do you know there is a great purpose and plan for your life NOW?

Yes. We are talking about You.  Whether you are working, going to college, technical school or turning 30 is right around the corner  

(yes, one day you will be this old), and you want more out of life, this is the place for you.  You have been given gifts and abilities to make a difference NOW.  

A Place In Time Ministries understands you are no longer a teen and you are trying different things out in life to see what you want to do and who you are apart from your family.  Unfortunately, there are many choices to make these days and some of them can lead to unhealthy lifestyles later on in life.

When you allow others to invest in you and help you discover why you were created and what you were created for — a purpose — life starts to make sense and you begin to see yourself in a new way.  We want to help you see your greatness and make a difference right NOW