Our Mission & Vision

Our Mission is Bringing HOPE by Helping Other People Excel in Purposeful Living.  We are an outreach ministry changing the local West Broward Community and beyond one person at a time. 
We are a 501(c)(3) non-denominational Christian charity, operated by volunteers. We are committed to serving God and our community. 
Our mission is featured in South Florida’s The Good News publication!  When many “one persons” come together and do a little, we will change our community.  Become part of a Movement of Hope by helping others as one of the many “one persons” serving God and our community. 
Here at A Place In Time you will discover your Purpose and life gets exciting when living with Passion and through knowing God’s truths you will Persevere.  Changing yourself is the beginning of impacting your community.


Our co-founders recognized the authority of God in the establishment of the mission, and realized that we are shepherds who serve under the Chief Shepherd, Jesus Christ.   Christ was and is the cornerstone on which this mission is founded.  Their passion and goal in establishing the mission was to equip people to fulfill their life purpose.  Each person has gifts and abilities our community needs.

Pete & Tricia Heng

A Place In Time Christian Ministries because they believe every person has their own place in time to meet God and discover their Purpose. Until she went to be with the Lord in 2015, Messages of Hope were given weekly by Tricia and others at our Center. Messages of Hope and testimonies continue weekly by others who want to bring the Hope of Christ to our community.  Tricia and Pete defined the founding mission of the ministry as helping others excel in purposeful living and this was the driving force behind the establishment of the mission of A Place In Time Christian Ministries.  Pete & Tricia both came to know personally what it means to discover your purpose, live passionately and persevere, especially during times of struggle.  
Pete is an Iraqi Veteran and works as a dedicated Firefighter/Paramedic.  Tricia walked through many struggles as a single mother and as a cancer survivor.  She died with peace in her heart and reached out relentlessly to help others excel in purposeful living up until the very last days of her life.  Hundreds attended her memorial service with these words on their lips — she fed me when I was hungry.  She clothed me when I had nothing to wear.  She visited me when I was sick.  She encouraged me when I felt hopeless. Matthew 25:35-40.  She lived out the great commission in real and practical ways.  With Pete’s heart for outreach and Tricia’s extensive experience in ministry work, God called them to begin A Place In Time to help others practically and spiritually. As founders, they laid the foundation for this truth — when people reach out during times of struggle–it’s called Hope, which is what you’ll find at A Place In Time.