Welcome to Bread of Life Food Pantry


Thank you so much for reaching out for help.  This is your first stepbread of life box
toward hope.  We believe Hope will encourage you as you persevere through this difficult time.  It’s not by chance you are stopping here and we want you to know, there is a great future and hope in store for you.



volunteerOur Bread of Life Food Pantry is here to first help feed your family  physically during this tough time and then help you discover a great purpose for your life.  
Do you have more month than food?  Bread of Life Food Pantry was designed to fill the gap in the month on a temporary basis.
We desire to walk with you as you begin to dream again. 
We are here to help in this transition through encouragement, hope and teachings of biblical truths as you persevere and take the
“next steps” to achieve your goals in life.

By Appointment only.  Call 954-435-7474

Food distributed once a month.